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September 24, 2001

Council Endorses Gerri Guzman

The Council voted Thursday to endorse Montebello City Treasurer Gerri Guzman for Board of Education. The Association will now support both incumbent Ed Chau and newcomer Gerri Guzman. The Association for Better Citizenship *the MTA PAC) voted to contribute $5,000 to each campaign in addition to phone banking, precinct walking, and direct mail.

Let's Talk about Political Action

Each school site is volunteering to phone bank at the MTA office beginning October 1. Each night a drawing will be held for a pair of AMC movie tickets. The more you call, the more opportunities you have to win. Check with the Building Reps at your site to find out when you get to phone back, eat treats, and compete for movie tickets!

Congratulations Leonard Narumi
Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year

Leonard Narumi (SHS) was honored as a Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year Wednesday. He teaches at his alma mater. There, in addition to directing the award-winning music and band programs, he raises funds for band uniforms and transportation to performance events statewide and beyond.

Leonard, along with eleven additional honorees from for Los Angeles County, will continue in competition to State and hopefully national distinction.


A third Montebello Unified School District-California State University at Long Beach Cohort is being formed to achieve a Masters of Arts with an emphasis in Early
Childhood Education. The program is scheduled to begin Spring 2002.

An informational meeting will be held Thursday, October 11 from 4:00 - 5:00 at the District Office in the TRC room. Please contact Roxanne Torosian at extension 2344 for more information.

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves
What Leave Meets my Needs

Current Sick Leave - (K-12 )12 days of sick leave are earned the first day of the school year. Current sick leave is exhausted prior to accumulated sick leave. (A.E.) 1 hour sick leave for each 18 hours of pay expected to be received by June 30.
Accumulated Sick Leave - unused sick days are saved for use in future years.
Accumulated sick leave counts toward STRS retirement. Accumulated sick leave is exhausted prior to difference pay.
Difference Pay - at the exhaustion of current sick leave and accumulated sick leave members have 100 days difference pay. The rate of pay is calculated by subtracting the substitute rate ($130) from the members' per diem rate.

For example: Member A earns $200 per day $200 - $130= $70

Member A's difference pay would be $70 per day.

Upon exhaustion of sick leave Bargaining Unit members are placed on a reemployment list. This means that the Bargaining Unit member is no longer employed by the District. The Bargaining Unit member remains on the reemployment list for 39 months if permanent and 24 months if not permanent. If the Bargaining Unit member does not return to active status within the time frame described above, the relationship with the District is completely severed.

Catastrophic Leave Bank
Members may participate in the Catastrophic Leave Bank. Contributors may request withdrawals at the exhaustion of difference pay.
Personal Necessity Leave - Up to 9 days of current sick leave may be used for personal necessity leave. Submit the District form with one of the following reasons. The reasons for personal necessity leave are:

1. witness, defendant, litigant or official government order
2. attendance at funeral
3. obligation required by leadership position or membership in professional organization
4. attendance required to conform with legal procedure or resolve threats to one's personal assets
5. observance of nationally recognized religious holiday
6. post-natal child care leave within 15 days of birth of child
Personal necessity leave in excess of 9 days is allowed for the death, accident, or illness of a member of the immediate family.
Personal Business
3 of 9 personal necessity days can be used for personal business leave.
Make request by 9 a.m. 2 days in advance of leave (except in emergency).
Complete District Leave Request form writing the reason for leave "Article XVI, Section J.a.a.7." No other information is required.
Denial or approval of the request must be given to the member by noon following the day of the request.
Bereavement Leave
*5 days are available for: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, husband, wife, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother, sister, step-parent, step-child, any relative living in the household and ex-spouse when minor children are involved. (member or spouse)
*3 days are available for spouse's brother or sister.
*Days need not be used consecutively.
Selling Back Sick Days
1. Members may sell back current sick leave for the year at the end of the school year.
2. Members who were first employed by the District subsequent to July 1, 1980 may sell back current sick leave plus 10 additional accrued sick days upon resignation from the District.
3. Payment will be made at the current rate of substitute pay ($130). Requests for the selling back of sick leave must be made at the end of the school year to the payroll office.
YRE Bargaining Unit Members
A YRE Bargaining Unit member may have the flexibility to extend his/her intersession by providing coverage with another year round Bargaining Unit member. This should be verified in writing by the Bargaining Unit member and approved by the site administrator. Written justification of denial shall be given to the Bargaining Unit member by the site administrator.

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